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Our summer internships are non-rotating unless otherwise stated in the job description. Instead, you`ll be assigned to a team you`ll work with during your time at Spotify during the internship. My advice to those looking for an internship at Spotify was to be sincere and show how willing you are to learn and push your limits. Ultimately, internships are designed to help you learn new skills and improve existing ones. However, remember that talking about growth opportunities is not the same as saying you can`t do something. I`ve certainly found myself in situations where I hadn`t received an offer before because I presented a growth opportunity as a mistake. In EMEA & JAPAC, the student is responsible for having an accurate visa to work with us. We only recruit students who currently reside on site for the internship. A list of our upcoming campus events can be found in the Student Event on section. Each year, we invite students from Historic Black College & Universities (HBCU) and Hispanic Serving Institutes (HSI) to solve Spotify`s real business challenges. The winners are invited to do an internship with us and work directly on the solution they present.

Applications are possible in the fall or spring semester. Learn about current students pursuing associate, bachelor`s, master`s and doctoral studies, and boot camp certifications. We also accept new graduates for our summer internships. We`re excited that you`re considering a career in our industry and interested in Spotify. While we do not currently offer internships or programs for elementary or high school students, visit our Spotify for Developers website to learn more about our platform. This is your chance to help shape the way the world listens, to learn more about what we do, how we do it – and why it`s important. We are looking for enthusiastic students with a passion for audio experiences and the ambition to go far. This is not just any internship, you will make the difference and play a real role in the success of Spotify, all in an unforgettable summer! At the end of this year, we will open our internship applications for summer 2023. Our applications are based on deadlines and not rolling, which means that we evaluate all applicants against our application deadline. Our interview process takes place during the winter months. Applying for an internship at Spotify is not a one-off process.

(Take it from us, former interns!) Your background, experience, and unique skills set you apart – so be clear about how this will affect your next role. Double down on what makes you shine as a designer and let your creativity do the rest. Finally, budding trainees, keep pushing yourself! Finding an internship is a nerve-wracking process, but every opportunity – successful or not – is a chance to improve in the right direction. Of all of us. Good luck! We are looking for an enthusiastic articling student to join one of our legal teams in London. We are a powerful group of nearly 100 employees who support and guide the organization in how it can use the law to advance business interests, protect our company`s rights, and comply with legal and regulatory compliance. You`ll help us in our mission to balance legal risks and opportunities, ensure we have accurate rights to content, and enable Spotify to develop products and services that users trust and love, while protecting our reputation and values. Christina: My passion for design started growing when I was designing movie posters for my film school classmates. I developed a love for the intersection of design and music while working as a design intern at an independent music label in New York City. I chose design as my profession, went to graduate school of design and did more internships. Ian: What I find remarkable about my application is the willingness and willingness to learn.

When preparing for my interview, I wrote down things I couldn`t necessarily practice during my studies, things I wanted to learn during the internship, and what I expected from the internship. While I`ve focused on highlighting my strengths and interests, I`ve tried to talk openly about my growth opportunities in every interview I`ve had with a company. It was intimidating, especially in the context of an interview, but I also believe it can show a growth mindset. What is the recruitment schedule for summer internships? My favorite part was meeting so many amazing people across the company. I left my internship with so many mentors who see me and want to help me succeed. Whatever you`re studying, we have all kinds of programs to suit you – summer internships, theses, mentorship programs and collaborations, take your pick. Do I have to be a musician or podcaster to get a Spotify internship? In my application to Spotify, I highlighted the different product design skills I`ve focused on during each of my internships, such as visual design, product thinking, and design strategy. I also highlighted my passion for technology and music by highlighting the music-related projects I`ve worked on. The comments on my Spotify app reflected this: they mentioned that I seemed sincere and curious. Being open about it also prepared me to maintain that honesty when I joined Spotify. When the internship started, I told my boyfriend about a specific area of improvement that I wanted to focus on and where he could support me during the internship.

What surprised me the most about my internship was how much I was given responsibilities and how much I was able to influence the work. Do I need to be referred by a Spotify employee to apply or be considered for an internship? Do you want to join the group? Applications for Spotify`s global summer internships are open every late fall/early winter at multiple locations around the world. Keep an eye out for upcoming opportunities with students on Spotify. You don`t need to create a rap resume or resume to get an internship at Spotify. Show us who you are, what`s important to you and where you want to go – we`ll show you the rest. René: I did a six-month UX internship in 2020, where I was able to build “ResearchOps” where processes, tools and strategies were organized and optimized to support user research at scale and amplify its impact in the company. When the Spotify internship started in the summer of 2021, I had just finished a UX design program at a school called Hyper Island in Sweden. I was also nearing the end of a seven-month design internship at a creative agency, where I worked with big fashion clients on their digital experiences.

My diverse past experience has allowed me to learn about different parts of the design process, whether it`s developing a new design concept for a client, conducting usability testing with users, or suggesting a new line of business. “I highlighted the different product design skills I focused on during each of my internships, such as visual design, product thinking, and design strategy.” Christina: I think the most remarkable thing about my app was how I used different projects to showcase my different skills as a product designer. I selected two projects for my portfolio exam, one from my previous internship, which focuses primarily on visual design, and the other that puts more emphasis on UX and product thinking. During my presentation, I made sure to focus on the point of each project by being aware of how I communicated it. For the project, which focused more on visual design, I spent time discussing the different design options I thought about and why I stumbled upon the final solution based on user needs and business needs. For the project, which was more focused on UX and product thinking, I talked about how I managed the project from start to finish working with user research, product, and engineering. Wondering how to stand out in a sea of interns? No matter how much you`ve worked on your resume or portfolio, you may have hit a wall trying to stand out. To counter the competition, we asked the Spotifiers what they were doing to improve their chances. We spoke to four product designers who successfully completed their Spotify internship application not too long ago.

Here`s how they used their creativity to their advantage and landed their product design internships. Do your research first and tell us why you are interested in joining the group! We love seeing cover letters, portfolios and personal websites in addition to your resume to give us a better idea of who you are, your experience and what you`re passionate about! Pay close attention to our different job descriptions and apply only to those that interest you and match your background! Josefina: The first thing I did was focus on how I wanted to present myself.
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