Stone Paper Legal Pad

Our paper has a 60% smaller CO2 footprint, and we offset the rest to make your purchase carbon neutral. To rebalance the needle, we plant a tree with every purchase through our aptly named partner One Tree Planted. A stone paper notepad, big enough for your biggest ideas. Never be without the best durable tools for drawing, drawing, drawing and writing. Equipped with 60 pages of smooth and silky stone paper and available in Grid, Blank and Lined variants. Flip your used pages over the binding or tear them along the micro-perforation for a blank painting and a fresh start. Our article is unlike anything you`ve ever drawn. Completely frictionless, pens slide on our pages because there is no sense of grain and the ink never bleeds. The result is a really enjoyable writing experience. Whether Elon likes it or not, we will all have to live on this planet for a while. For us, it also means living with it. Set aside some of what we`ve all taken. In addition to the environmental benefits of stone paper, Karst B Corp is certified, has partnered with the One Tree Planted Foundation and is 100% carbon neutral.

Materials found in construction areas such as stone are recycled to make calcium carbonate powder. With a small amount of non-toxic resin, we can make Roca stone paper. Enjoy a new high-end note-taking experience on stone paper. Oxford Stone Paper notebooks offer a soft, velvety writing surface that is resistant to moisture and tearing. The ink slides on the page and cannot pass. The durable paper and sturdy double-threaded binding make this notebook the ultimate laptop for travel and adventure. 8-1/2″ x 11″. 60 sheets. Blue. 2 packs. Roca Stone Paper notebooks and notebooks are made from a future-friendly material called calcium carbonate.

The recycled stone is ground into a powder from which we make white paper. For normal paper production, mills use many chemicals to bleach paper and kill bacteria. Roca Stone Paper does not require any of these chemicals. Roca Stone Paper notebooks and notepads are made of gravel. As a result, not a single drop of water is needed. Our paper is made from calcium carbonate, a reused construction waste. Our process has been redesigned to eliminate waste elements that would have been unavoidable in the traditional papermaking process. Our paper is naturally glossy white, never dyed or bleached with harsh chemicals such as chlorine or acid.

The subtle variation in color comes from the natural variations of the stone, so each batch is unique for the next. Roca Stone Paper is super durable because it is made from recycled stone. Before it tears, the paper stretches. You have to make an effort if you want to tear the paper into pieces. Our paper amazes the senses. The absence of plant fibers and grain direction makes writing effortless and without hand spasms. Our Roca Stone Paper is made from recycled stone. No more felling trees, because we want to take care of the environment. Get that “new notebook feel” from all sides of our stone A4 paper notepad. These are made from high quality, durable and recyclable stone paper. With a top probe binding and perforated sides, this product most closely resembles a legal stamp with a high-quality look and feel. Our unique and eco-friendly material is acid-free, glossy white and waterproof.

Mills need 18 mature trees to make clay from pulp paper. Stone paper is made from stone and the saved trees provide oxygen to 40 people a year. Usually, mills use chlorine when making paper from trees to make the paper white. Roca stone paper does not contain acids. It consumes less energy and reduces CO2 emissions. Compared to traditional paper, stone paper is much more difficult to tear. This paper stretches before you can tear it off. It is possible to produce paper without waste. No chlorine or acid. Without water. Without trees.

Made from recycled stone and without bleach, acids or trees, karst stone paper™ is reconstructed from first principles to be better. Calcium carbonate is one of the main bases of superhydrophobic coatings. This is a more sophisticated way of saying that our stone paper is completely waterproof. So your morning coffee can`t ruin your eureka moment, and rain can`t steal your thunder. After trying Roca Stone Paper, you`ll never want to go back to your usual paper. Since there is no direction of the grain, your pen slides smoothly and smoothly. Для работы персонализированной рекламы (включая рекламные объявления на основе интересов) мы можем передавать ваши данные нашим партнерам по маркетингу и рекламе с помощью файлов cookie и других средств.
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