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Anyway, the couple-are-they-or-not-they deserves the portmanteau word Brittana and a lot of attention. And yet, they recovered and earned the portmanteau of “Merkozy”. One of my biggest concerns was balancing work and vacation and not tipping the luggage balance too much in one direction. Transportation, or the act of “transporting” people from one place to another, forms the basis of much of daily life. Cars support us or “transport” us in our need to quickly get to distant places that walking simply cannot reach. An even faster way to get from one place to another is teleportation, or the ability to be “transported” from one place to another instantly. Import port into your brain, and it will “transport” you far with the knowledge of words! Have you ever helped a porter or someone who “carries” luggage in a hotel? An old-fashioned type of leather suitcase is a suitcase that allows you to “carry” a large amount of clothing. A portfolio is also a case where you can “carry” objects such as artwork or photographs. A wallet also refers to the items that are placed in the portable suitcase.

A hypothetical means of immediate transportation When they saw my portmanteau word (twenty-five pounds), they were quite confused as to what to do with it. And he immediately got up, carried the portmanteau word, and took the candle in his other hand, and went up to the lodge. A portmanteau word is luggage, usually made of leather, that opens into two equal parts. Some are large, straight, and hinged at the back, allowing clothes to be hung in one half,[1] while others are much smaller pockets (like Gladstone bags) with two compartments of equal size. [2] When someone exercises, they are entertaining or distracting themselves for fun. This desire for gloom actually has its own portmanteau word, Ostalgia. This dermatological condition — a portmanteau of “mask” and “acne” — affects people of all ages and skin types, whether or not they have a history of skin irritation. People are constantly “carrying” things from one place to another. Strong people, for example, “carry” a lot of body weight. When a nation imports goods from another nation, it “transports” them within its own territory. On the other hand, exporting goods means “transporting” them out of one country to sell them to another country.

Most of these goods are portable or easily “transportable” from one country to another. People can also be deported from their own country by being “transported” from one country to another, usually for legal proceedings. He hadn`t even had the energy to finish packing his bags, and his clothes and papers lay on the floor above the coat. A portmanteau word across the border, this term was used by Sarah Palin. “Portmanteau.” Merriam-Webster.com Dictionary, Merriam-Webster, www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/portmanteau. Retrieved 26 November 2022. Allie calls him “Fat Boy,” a not-so-subtle portmanteau of the nicknames “Fat Man” and “Little Boy” in light of the bombs dropped on Japan. The person in an airport, train station or hotel who is paid to help you with your luggage is a porter. It is also the name of a train employee who helps passengers travelling in sleeping cars.

The word to carry comes from the Latin portatorem, someone who carries. The dark and sweet beer known as Porter or Porter`s Ale comes from the same root word – because its flavor and low price were the favorite of porters and other workers. When you behave in a certain way, you behave that way. Middle French coat rack, to carry to carry + coat coat, from Latin mantellum to more at the port A suitcase with integrated electronics for one or more uses. Examples include USB charging ports, a built-in scale or TSA-approved lock, and the ability to transmit its location via GPS and cellular. See TSA lock. When a country imports goods or articles from another country, it brings those goods into the country for sale. In Lewis Carroll`s Through the Looking Glass, Alice Humpty asks Dumpty to explain the words of the absurd poem “Jabberwocky”, and it is said that slimy “is like a portmanteau word – there are two meanings wrapped in a word”. Although slithy didn`t take (it consists of slimy and supple, according to Humpty Dumpty), another portmanteau word Carroll actually found a place in the language: chortle (supposedly of laughter and sniffles). English also includes other portmanteau words such as brunch (breakfast and lunch) and comedy-drama (drama and comedy).

Following Carroll`s example, English speakers referred to these fairly common words with the not-so-common name for a kind of two-compartment travel bag. The technical (and simpler) term for such words is blend. Plogging — a portmanteau of jogging and the Swedish term plocka upp, meaning “pickup” — was developed in 2016 by Erik Ahlstrom, a Swedish runner who was tired of seeing so much trash on his daily jogging grounds. The word derives from the French word portemanteau (from porter, “to wear” and coat, “coat”), which today means a wardrobe, but was also used in the past to refer to a suitcase or bag for clothing. [3] [4] When two people have established a good relationship, their connection is such that they understand each other well and can communicate well with each other. Marketers love a coat, and this refers to the mix of physical and digital domains that have gained momentum due to the pandemic. Such thoughts crossed the mind of the worthy officer as he carefully packed his coat. When I prepare this dish for my Jamaican husband and our two grandchildren “Trin-Ja-Merican” – a fitting portmanteau to describe their multicultural heritage – I appreciate the warmth and satiety that aloo and channa give. These sample phrases are automatically selected from various online information sources to reflect the current use of the word “Portmanteau”.

The views expressed in the examples do not represent the views of Merriam-Webster or its editors. Send us your feedback. If something is important, you want to “wear” it to take care of it. Journalists or journalists who “report” information to the general public, often focusing on important concerns. In fact, journalists talk a lot about sports or those forms of entertainment that “take you away” from everyday activities. The quality or condition of being portable; the dignity of the personal expression or appearance; Majesty. A porter is someone who carries luggage for tourists. If you ever travel across the country by train, you will be grateful to the doorman. When you support someone, you help them do something or agree with what they do.

Your eviction is how you behave, walk and stand in public. The portmanteau word was a sign of youth and progress; The old-fashioned people stuck to the carpet bag. Something portable can be easily carried or moved. Prefixes are often subject to spelling changes, depending on the root to which they are attached. For example, the prefix in can be in the following forms: il, im, in, ir, and ig. Examples of words containing such forms are illegal, soaked, innate, irregular and dishonorable. A new word created by connecting two others and combining their meanings A large, flat, thin suitcase for carrying flying papers, drawings or cards Both involve beating words together to create new ones Music theme by Joshua Stamper 2006©New Jerusalem Music / ASCAP have the often fragile appearance of being, intent or claim.

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