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I can`t get a file. How can my chest feel flatter? What people attach their breasts to is a very personal choice, and it`s not clear to find a standard “best type of binder” for everyone. One study showed that people who used commercial filing cabinets had an increased risk of having the greatest number of negative bonding symptoms, followed by those who used bandages and plastic wrap or tape (2). Commercial binders were strongly associated with negative results (20 out of 28 negative), as were elastic bandages (14 out of 28) and adhesive tape or plastic wrap (13 out of 28). One reason may be that commercial binders give a false sense of security and cause wearers to act too long or sleep in them. DO NOT tie your chest with tape or plastic wrap. The most popular safe methods are the use of binders, sports bras, strategic diapers, and commercially available bandages or elastic materials. If you want to carry around a business file, take the time to make sure you`re buying the right size and that it fits you well. If you`re buying a commercial binder, do your research to find the perfect binder for you and read customer reviews to get an idea of the size accuracy.

Try not to buy one that is too tight – if it causes pain, cuts/trauma or restricts your breathing, you will need to increase by one or two sizes. A binder must allow normal breathing and allow air circulation (beware of breathable fabrics). Wet and sweaty skin conditions provide the ideal environment for rashes and fungal infections (4). Everyone binds differently. Some people only commit on special occasions, others every day. One study of bandaged people reported that the average person tied their breasts about 10 hours a day, with the most popular methods being commercial chest ties, followed by sports bras, shirt or bra diapers, and bandages or elastic materials (2). Selkie emphasizes the importance of finding the right binder at first start. Tight binders can interrupt breathing, irritate your skin, or cause back pain — and loose binders won`t give you the proper chest compression you want. These are associated with an increase in negative symptoms. Tape can damage your skin and bandages can tighten as you move. You might feel rushed to tie or lack resources to buy a commercial binder, but it`s not worth putting your health at risk.

Sports bras, layered shirts or wearing sports compression equipment or neoprene are the options associated with the least negative side effects (2). We love the Self Made Men on site for great binder articles and other cool stuff about boys and men, especially binary men and presentation issues! Here are some of their clues: While breast binders offer the safest bonding experience, it is possible to securely attach your breast without breast ties. Selkie also recommends checking the site`s binder return policy in case yours doesn`t fit, and repeating your measurements if you gain or lose more than 15 pounds to make sure you get the right binder size. If you buy your file online, take a look at the binder size chart and mark your own measurements with a tape measure. For example, the GC2B size chart requires measurements around the chest and between the shoulders. For a binder, breast measurements should be done around the nipples because it has the most breast tissue. Always round up when taking hull measurements. Depending on the style of your binder (especially with long styles), it may be easier to put it on when you step inside rather than putting it on like a regular t-shirt.

Put your feet between the shoulder straps and pull your body up to your chest, then run your arms through the holes. If the sports bra binder application method doesn`t work for you, consider this alternative method of applying a binder: While other methods may be safe if done correctly, Rosenthal says it`s more effective to use a breast binder. The most important part of secure attachment is wearing the right binder and doing it right. If you are unwell or compress your soft tissues to some extent, you can damage your ribs and chest. The intention of binding is to safely compress the soft tissues without directly compressing the ribs. Carrying a binder that is too small for you will make you uncomfortable, you won`t be able to wear it for long periods of time and it can cause damage. It`s important to find the right size for your workbook – here`s a helpful guide and video on how to measure a workbook. Binders are available in a variety of colors, including light skin tones and patterns, multiple lengths, and various fasteners.

There are about a dozen recommended brands, including gc2b and flavnt, that are known for their reliable customer service. Underworks, a company that specializes in pre- and post-operative clothing, doesn`t make clothing specifically for transgender customers, but is another popular company, donating binders to teens who can`t afford them. Dr. Eckert cites trans-led organizations, including Point of Pride, which also provides stewards to people who can`t get one themselves. So, I`ve been carrying my file for too long, but I feel good! Am I injured? What must I do? Commercial breast binders can be used without medical supervision, but you should stop using the binder and consult a doctor if you notice any of the following side effects. For more information about filing cabinet security or where to buy, visit these websites: Overall, you should take an hour or two breaks every one or two when using your binder for the first time, and set aside one day a week when you`re not using your binder at all to help your body adjust to compression. “It may not be as effective for people with larger breasts, and for people with sensitive skin, it can cause some irritation, but it`s definitely an alternative to binders if used correctly,” Selkie says. Binders are not classified as medical devices, but some doctors and parents are concerned about their safety. (Mandatory common sense guidelines include: don`t use Ace bandages or duct tape, don`t tie at night, limit a binder to eight to 10 hours a day, don`t shower in it, don`t wear two, and don`t wear too small.) Brie Jontry is a spokesperson for 4thWaveNow, which describes itself as “a community of parents and others concerned about the medicalization of atypical adolescents.” Her daughter, now 15, told Jontry she was trans at 11 and wanted a file. Ms. Jontry bought her a running bra, but her daughter felt it was not tight enough and refused to leave the house until she had a file. When you`re ready to tie, it`s important to find the right one and wear it right.

There are a few agreed best practices: don`t carry your binder for more than eight to 12 hours at a time, don`t sleep in it, make sure you wash your binder regularly, and make sure you wear one that`s the right size (not too small). Peitzmeier also recommends trying to take days off if possible. Workbooks are usually sold online and cost around $30. Among the most popular brands is GC2B, founded in 2015 by Marli Washington, a trans man who studied product design at the University of the Arts in Industrial Design. Underworks also sells breast trusses, although they are not designed specifically for transgender people. To make binding more comfortable, some people wear a lightweight shirt under their binder or apply baby powder to their skin.
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