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DNA People`s Legal Services offers free civil law services to low-income individuals who otherwise would not be able to afford a lawyer. The NAU Office of the Student Legal Counsel, through its counsel, provides advice and referrals to outside counsel as necessary to help you protect your legal rights. “I can think of no greater honour than serving as NAU`s General Counsel, and I look forward to continuing to build strong working relationships with my colleagues at the institution,” Parker said. “It`s a personal goal to make sure the campus community knows I`m here to find solutions and work with them to achieve their business goals.” When police are lurking, underage drinking is one of the top quotes in Flagstaff and on the NAU campus. If you are a minor, be careful, be smart and don`t be obvious. Anyone who is at a party or throws a party should avoid drinking alcohol by minors. You should always assume that the police might show up. And you can get into serious legal trouble if you`re hosting a underage drinking party. It is important that you bring all legal documents on the topic under discussion. It is also helpful to prepare a timeline of events, including the names of other speakers, so that we can discuss future options. If you need legal help, start by using the resources below. Parker joined NAU in 2010 as Deputy General Counsel.

Prior to joining the university, she worked as an external consultant for several higher education institutions, including Arizona State University. Once you know you are involved in a legal matter. Don`t hesitate. If you already have a scheduled hearing date, please let Matthew Poirier know when you call to schedule your appointment. A licensed attorney who can provide advice and recommendations to outside attorneys to help you protect your legal rights. This service is free for all students on the NAU Flagstaff Mountain campus. Michelle Parker has been selected as General Counsel for Legal Affairs at Northern Arizona University. The announcement was made last week by NAU President Rita Cheng and a national search was conducted. Be Connected Resource Navigators are located nationwide and are available for military members, veterans, family members, providers and help to find and connect with resources. Parker received his bachelor`s and master`s degrees in English and his juris doctorate from Arizona State University. Flagstaff police, including the NAUPD, are always on the lookout for drunk driving due to alcohol or marijuana use.

If you drink or plan to drink, or think you might drink, do not drive your vehicle. Take a taxi. Ask a friend to be a designated driver. If you`re a designated driver, that means you won`t be drinking anything that night, not even a beer. If you are arrested and worried about impaired driving, remember that field sobriety tests (FSTs) are voluntary and that even if your refusal can be used against you in court, you still do not have to agree to perform the TSF. Breath tests are different, so listen to what the agent is telling you. And always, always, always, consult with a Flagstaff DUI defender before doing anything in a DUI case. We offer free consultations on all DUI cases and are pleased to offer a discount to NAU students. If you live in The Grove, remember that the police station is just across the street. Hundreds of students living at The Grove are cited by police each semester.

We defend all criminal charges in Arizona state, federal, municipal and tribal courts. Contact us for a free consultation. We hope you find these resources useful! We welcome your suggestions and comments. If you have found a great resource for the experienced student you would like to see on our website, please contact us at No, in order to provide confidential services, you must make an appointment and meet with Student Legal Counsel in person. Student Legal Counsel is a certified member of the Arizona State Bar Association and is bound by the rules of professional responsibility that govern the ethical conduct of lawyers, including confidentiality. If you are involved in a vehicle accident, especially a pedestrian vehicle accident, and you are injured, call us immediately for a free consultation. Again, don`t get stuck with a fake insurance payment, medical bills, collections, and liens against you. Call Matthew Poirier at 928-522-4866 or email This service is funded by the ASNAU 23 Fee and Graduate Student Government and is therefore free for all students on the NAU Flagstaff Mountain campus.

We hope NAU has a great summer. Be careful there and enjoy the beautiful Flagstaff! To reach our office, do not hesitate to use the free contact form or call us at the phone number at the top of the screen. Every year we see allegations of sex crimes, sexual offenses, sexual abuse or sexual assault in Flagstaff and sometimes on the NAU campus. Sex crimes are extremely serious under Arizona law. What starts as a fun night out can turn into a disaster. We can`t stress enough that Flagstaff`s roads are dangerous for cyclists if you`re not careful. Follow all traffic lights. Never assume that a driver can see you or predict where you`re going. A bicycle car accident is always extremely serious. We have lost several NAU students in recent years because vehicles have hit cyclists (even though the cyclist did nothing wrong).

So, be careful there. Coconino County Victim and Witness Services helps victims and witnesses of crime navigate crises and the criminal justice process. The NAU campus is packed on a typical school day. Motorists try to make their way through thousands of students walking through streets, parking lots and sidewalks. Pedestrian areas are safe when used correctly. Never assume that a vehicle can see you. Always try to make eye contact with the driver. If you are injured while cycling in Flagstaff, call us immediately to make sure you get the best insurance payment possible and not end up with medical bills, recoveries and liens against you.

“Michelle is an exceptional attorney with a solid understanding of Arizona higher education and law,” Cheng said. “She is a valuable resource for faculty and staff and will be an even greater asset in her new role.” Summer is here! We wish all NAU students a happy, healthy and fun summer. Unfortunately, when NAU students stay for the summer, so does the Flagstaff Police Department. Here are our top 5 safety tips for NAU students living in Flagstaff during the summer: When drinking, stay with friends you can trust. If you have a date, be smart and make sure everything you do is consensual. We are Flagstaff`s sex crimes advocacy law firm. If you are under investigation or charged with a sexual offence, call us immediately. Time is running out.
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