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Law of the Lawless is a 1964 American drama film directed by William F. Claxton. It stars Lon Chaney Jr., Kent Taylor, Barton MacLane, John Agar, Richard Arlen, Bruce Cabot and Don “Red” Barry. After the departure of the producers of Paramount Pictures B Picture Unit Pine-Thomas Productions, their advertising director A. C. Lyles, employed by Paramount since the age of 14,[1] was commissioned by the studio to produce second feature films. Meanwhile, Paramount arranged to lend Lyles to CBS, where he was involved in the production of the Rawhide series, to learn more about westerns. [2] Working title: Invitation to hang and The Day of Hanging. A Paramount production meeting in 1963 noted that despite the incredible popularity of American westerns in overseas markets, there were no westerns to be made by the studio. Lyles offered to shoot a low-budget western in a short period of time and bought a script from his screenwriter friend Steve Fisher. A saloon girl, Ellie Irish, is brought before the judge to tarnish Rogers` reputation with others in town.

This backfires when Ellie testifies that she saw Pete in a compromising position with Stapleton`s wife Dee, after which the victim was dragged into a shootout. Pete is found guilty and Big Tom`s men disobey his order to shoot the judge in cold blood. Big Tom Stone was the head of a Kansas town in 1889. His son Pete is imprisoned for the murder of a man named Stapleton, and District Judge Clem Rogers travels to town to oversee the trial. In Kansas, Pete Stone, son of Big Tom, who runs the state, is imprisoned in 1889 for killing George Stapleton. Judge Clem Rogers is summoned to town to try Pete. His visit attracted the three Johnson brothers, whose fourth brother had been sentenced to death by Rogers; a vagrant with a score to settle with the judge; and Joe Rile, the murderer of Rogers` father. Rile is in town to work for Big Tom. From his cell, Pete hosts a dinner for Rogers with Ellie Irish, the saloon girl who plans to marry Pete for security reasons. Pete expects his lawyer to select a jury of prudes who could be influenced against the judge because of his association with a saloon girl.

The Johnson brothers and the vagrant attempt to ambush Rogers, but a deputy sheriff discovers her and kills her in a shootout in which he himself is killed. Big Tom orders Rile to engage Rogers in a shootout after the trial, but in a way that will discredit the judge regardless of the outcome. Attempts to trap Rogers with Ellie fail. At trial, we learn that Stapleton told Pete to stay away from his wife, and that Pete forced him to draw and then shot him. Stapleton`s widow testifies that she has never seen Pete before, but Ellie testifies that she saw Pete hugging the woman and was warned to remain silent. Pete is convicted and sentenced to death by hanging. Rile refuses to be dragged into a fight. and Rile also throws away his gun. Big Tom then tries to kill Rogers, but Rile disarms him. When the confirmed judge leaves town, Big Tom`s orders to kill him are ignored by Big Tom`s own men.

Rogers has enemies. Among them are the Johnson brothers, who resent the judge, and hired shooter Joe Rile, who was hired by Big Tom to make sure Rogers doesn`t convict his son. The film was first released in Italy in late 1963. The first American release was dual-functionality with Robinson Crusoe on Mars. When the film was doing well at the box office, Paramount asked him how many more westerns he could make per year. Lyles responded with “five” and was given the green light to produce more second feature films for the studio. The film was originally scheduled to star Rory Calhoun, but Calhoun contracted pneumonia the night before filming began.[4] Dale Robertson intervened six hours earlier. [3] Lyles had earned the friendship and respect of a galaxy of experienced actors who offered their services for his production.
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