Montgomery County Pa Legal Name Change

For example, if your birth certificate shows “Jane Marie Smith” and your certified marriage certificate shows that Jane Smith married Fred Johnson and your other documents (Social Security card, proof of residency) reflect Jane Smith Johnson, this would be considered a logical link between the names. NORRISTOWN — Montgomery County residents who want to change their name can get a better feel for the process at a free virtual clinic. In addition to the cost of the petition filed with the Montgomery County Prothonotary`s Office, those who want to change their name must take their fingerprints, which is possible at some local businesses or at the police station for $10 to $30. They are required to appear before the Court of Common Pleas and publish their name change in two separate publications, a local newspaper and the County Law Journal. Marlier says it can be intimidating and dangerous. The following name change instructions and form packages are available in the Family Service window: Name change for a MINOR This happens when requesting accommodation. “In the state of Pennsylvania, there are no nationwide protections that protect LGBTQ people, especially transgender or sexist people, from discrimination in housing,” Goodwin said. “And so you can have a landlord, you apply, you look like a Joanne, but maybe your official name is Joe and you`re discriminated against because they don`t want that kind of person in their apartment.” You can change the name of an adopted child by including the request for a change of name in your adoption application (Maryland Rule 9-103(b)(1)(M)). For more information and to register for the clinic, visit the Montgomery Bar Association website in Goodwin said that on average, in southeastern Pennsylvania, the name change process takes about 90 days and hiring a lawyer “can cost upwards of $2,000.” Depending on the county, publishing name changes in the County Law Journal can cost between $200 and $600. The financial hurdles are therefore “heavy,” she said.

The name change process can take several months, Marlier said, because it involves several steps, including filing a motion and litigating before a judge. Marlier stressed that President Carolyn Carluccio has continued these efforts. Teachers at Central Bucks West resisted the policy, saying they would not label transgender students dead or pass it on to others. If your current full name matches the one on your proof of identity – for example, if your passport reflects your married name – you do NOT need to provide proof of name change. The Eastern Pa. Trans Equity Project is also hosting a name change workshop for trans people on October 18. If you need help changing your name legally, our lawyers are here to help you with all the necessary legal details. Montgomery County offers a free clinic with pro bono lawyers to help you change your legal name. The clinic is the first in Montgomery County — designed to help members of transgender, non-binary, and gender non-conforming communities through a typically complex, expensive, and stressful process. However, REAL ID policies require that your full legal name (not the middle initial) appear on your REAL ID driver`s license or photo ID.

If your current driver`s license or photo ID contains only your middle initial, PennDOT employees will need to change their name so that your full legal name appears on your REAL ID product. The clinic will be held on Saturday, October 15 from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. for residents 18 years of age and older via Zoom. The registration deadline is Monday, October 3. Each participant will be accommodated in their own private “meeting room” and assigned to a lawyer. The pro bono lawyers have all received awareness training on the name change process for LGBTQ people. Change your name on all important documents and identification documents such as Social Security card, title, and driver`s license.

You may need to provide a certified copy of your marriage certificate to change some of your documents. If your proof of identity does not reflect your current full name, you will need to provide documentation of any name changes.
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