Merely Definition in English

“It wasn`t just the job where he had become happier the whole time he saw being taken away from him,” Howells notes. Someone asks over and over again for several years and it`s neither cute nor flattering, and it goes beyond just being unwanted. Comes only from the Latin merus (“undiluted”). But “undiluted” is positive — as in, “it`s the undiluted truth” — in a way it simply isn`t. If you just use it, it still has a negative and disapproving rating: you might say, “She was only a small role in this drama,” but if you say, “She was just the star of the show,” you`d mean it ironically, since the star is the most important role. We see the whole country, if only from afar, rather than being confined where our foot begins. Getting married only emphasizes selfishness and self-interest, rather than allowing you to live individually in the best way. I testified at a preliminary hearing just eight feet from this monster. But they soon fell out, for Murat had the audacity to have these patriots fight, rather than simply seek plunder. Simply means “only”. If you say, “I was just trying to help,” your efforts probably weren`t appreciated and you`ll probably stalk your nose up.

Big data was the traffic jam some time ago, but it turned out to be just one piece of the larger data puzzle. Haggard only played because of the excitement and Spunyarn because it was less boring to play than to watch. She only notes how surprising it is that people like you accept the premise that your happiness is a rebuke for their setbacks. Janet`s silence impressed Hilda: it wasn`t just strange, it was impressive: it affected the whole day. As Rathod noted, SIX is not only the opposite of the CFTA. Thus, investors betting on the public would bet not only on future user growth, but also on the startup`s ability to monetize effectively in the future. I`m not angry, I`m just trying to say you could have done it differently. The NBA has academies all over the world, but it`s not just about developing young players. Subsequent reports indicate that the authorities simply claimed to escort him to his house arrest. The America they annexed to Europe was just a new domain added to an already old world. Find out which words work together and create more natural English with the Oxford Collocations Dictionary app. Join our community to access the latest language learning and assessment tips from Oxford University Press! Find the answers online with Practical English Usage, your go-to guide to problems in English.
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